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NEW Replica Horn Buttons
~  M A D E   I N   U S A  ~

Pictured above are new replica horn button assemblies, identical in size to the original center horn button assembly made by Momo for the original Momo Volvo, R-Sport and Alpina steering wheels. They feature bright mirror chrome details and traditional colors. 

An original one of these horn buttons is a very rare thing to find and very expensive.  I designed and had these limited reproductions made so that you will be able to have one for a fraction of the cost. 
These will fit Momo, Sp
arco, Grant, Nardi, Personal, Italvolante, Dino and many other steering wheels using a center horn button assembly that fits a 2 inch (52 mm) hole in the steering wheel (like the Momo wheel center area pictured to the left). 

Overall outer diameter is 60 mm (about 2 5/16 inches).


Electrical Connection Diagrams
for this Horn Button:
>>>Click here for PDF document<<<

Order HERE:
Chose your style of Horn Button
Discount for 2 or more.

Volvo R-Sport: $30.00 each

2 or more: $25.00 each

Prancing Moose: $30.00 each

2 or more: $25.00 each  

ALPINA: $30.00 each

2 or more: $25.00 each

$30.00 each.  Order Quantity: Type:

Quantity Discount, 2 or more of any type must be purchased.
Mixing styles is possible. 
For example, to order 1 each of 2 different types, select a button in the BELOW options, change the quantity to "1" and click "Add to Cart." 
Then select the next button below, change the quantity again to "1" and click "Add to Cart."

DISCOUNT: 2 or more for $25.00 each. If you want one each of two different styles, you may change quantity to 1 and order one each. The cart will show the discounted price as long as 2 or more of ANY STYLE are selected.
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Canada:                         $10.00 USD for First Class Mail International Canada
Canada:                         $23.00 USD for Priority Mail International Canada (insured)
All other countries:     $16.00 for First Class Mail International All
All other countries:     $30.00 for Priority Mail International All (insured)

 If you need the below METAL CENTERING RING, I have a supply of them. $2.00 ea

<<< Ordering: 5-Hole Metal Centering Ring for Horn Button (used on some steering wheels)
Price: $2.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity:

When done shopping, please proceed to Shipping above.

NOTE #1:
This ring is as pictured above and is drilled for a 5-hole Grant steering wheel.  To correctly use it with a Momo steering wheel, you would need to re-drill for a 6 hole pattern, like the PHOTO ON THE RIGHT >>>.  I'm not sure about Personal or others makes.  This ring is not needed for every application, since many steering wheels don't use one at all.  Most new Momo hub adapters will come with one of these, however these rings can be hard to find if you lose yours or don't have one to begin with.

NOTE #2:
Some steering wheels have a hole in the center that is a little larger than 2 inches (52 mm).  For example, the center holes in some Personal wheels are about 55 mm. some Momos too.  Using a ring like this will allow for a proper tight fit since the horn button slips into the hole in this ring snugly.  Also this ring may be used to ground your horn button for the horn circuit.

Click Here for Fixes

What if I don't have a steering wheel that uses one of these great horn buttons?
I don't sell steering wheels, but a great steering wheel can really make your car so much nicer to drive.  Do a search in eBay for 'momo steering wheel' or 'grant steering wheel' and you'll find hundreds for sale.  The horn buttons sold here fit all steering wheels shown below and many more.

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