1800 Face Overlays
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The above photos show an original 1800 dash with Smiths gauges.
(Shown with 200 kmh speedometer)

I offer original looking black or custom white gauge face overlays for the Smiths gauges shown above. They are designed to restore or change the look of these gauges.
Some variations are shown below.

All faces are printed with UV resistant ink and have a Satin non-glare laminated UV film over the front to protect the face from exposure.  They will not fade.
These faces are printed on professional grade vinyl with peel and stick adhesive on the back.

Installation instructions for Smiths 1800 gauge overlays:
CLICK HERE for Instructions (1.8 MB PDF)

If you feel that you cannot install these overlays to your face plates by yourself, I can install them for a small fee if you can remove the metal face plates from your gauges and send them to me.
If you cannot disassemble your gauges, I can refer you to a very talented technician who can disassemble and reassemble them if needed and restore them also if needed.

Below Photo 1800 Blackface Original
This 14 piece set is intended to restore the faces back to a new appearance.
It is available with a 120 MPH or 200 kmh speedometer.
Converting from MPH to kmh is possible.

There are TWO style clocks that are found with these gauges. Style 1 is most common and this is the default style that comes with the face overlay set.
If you need Style 2, please enter that request in the Order Details text box below when you order. There is no extra cost.

Clock Style 1                                                           Clock Style 2

If you only need a speedometer face set, I offer them below: Click here.

 Below Photo 1800 Whitefaces
This 14 piece set is intended to create a high quality white face set.
It is available with a 120 MPH or 200 kmh speedometer.
Converting from MPH to kmh is possible.

Adhesion Promoter is recommended to improve the installtion of gauge face overlays. It is not needed in all situations, however if your car may be subjected to high interior temperatures frequently (parked outside) or many times over the years, the adhesive on the backs of overlays can soften and allow the edges to lift. Applying a little of this before installation on the faceplate edges will greatly improve adhesion. For convenience, a cotton swab is included. This isn't some mythical snake-oil. It has been tested and works great.

Applying this stuff is easy. Dip the cotton swab in the liquid and smear the edges of the face plates where the overlays will be. It dries in seconds.  CAUTION: Using this stuff makes things stick very well, so be careful when placing the overlay down. It will be harder to lift and re-position.

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All faces have a Matte/Non-Glare Laminated UV Poly Film over the front to protect the finish.


  All 14 piece 1800 overlay sets are priced as follows:
$40.00 USD each 

Single Gauge Speedometer only (2 piece set):
$16.00 USD each
May be used for conversions.

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