Above photo: Sunset from the New York Mountains, November 2012.
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Below are a series of PDF maps I have created over the years that completely cover the Mojave Road. All are offered FREE. I began by making maps of all 139 miles from Fort Mojave near the Colorado River to Camp Cady near Barstow.  I have also created maps for a large number of associated off-road trails in the region, including countless trails near the Mojave Road, adding numerous historical points of interest, landmarks, useful comments and GPS coordinates. The most recent addition is 76 new pages of the Cady Mountains region south of Afton Canyon and 7 new pages of the Cave Mountain region north of Afton Canyon.
There are now 218+ pages of PDF maps below that will make you very familiar with this region.

Mojave Road Map Page Segments
O V E R V I E W    O F   A L L   P D F   M A P  S E G M E N T S

These maps were done originally for personal use during a number of 4WD trips to the area over a number years. They have been a big help for me getting to know the layout of this large remote region and they will make you more knowledgeable about the area and any of your friends. They can be mostly considered complete, but I frequently add more details and updates when I find the need or when others contribute additional info. And because I know how useful these maps can be, I offer them here for other Mojave Road and Eastern Mojave Desert explorers. You may save or print these maps or install them on a tablet or laptop for use on the trail.  Low-resolution and high-resolution maps are all available below.
A special acknowledgement and thank you goes to Dennis Casebier, author of the Mojave Road Guide and many other Mojave Desert book titles. Without his work, I would never have made any trips to this great region. His books sparked the interest to explore more of it.  With that in mind, the below maps are not intended to be a substitute for Dennis' essential Mojave Road Guide. If you don't yet own a copy, do yourself a favor. Buy and read the Mojave Road Guide before you go.
NOTE: The Mojave Road maps here read from west to east, similar to reading a book from left to right. This is different from Dennis Casebier's Mojave Road Guide, which is laid out from east to west.  If you prefer to begin on the east end, it is a simple task to begin at the end page and work backward.
Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.
Dave Barton,  dbarton [at] linkline [dot] com

Click for larger image (0.67mb JPG)

<<< This is a scale map of the Mojave Road region and major surrounding wagon trails, historical sites, etc.  Familiarizing yourself with this map will help to better orient you to the overall layout of the historic eastern Mojave Desert region. 

A high resolution PDF of this map is available if you want to save it.
To save on your computer, right click on this link and choose "save link as.": mojaveroadmap-dbarton2016lo (10mb)

Mojave Road Detailed Maps - PDF Downloads (low resolution files)
The below files are divided into multiple parts to reduce their download sizes.  If combined or printed, they may be put in alpha/numeric order. 
These files below are considered to be low resolution, so downloading will be easier if you have slower bandwidth.
To save on your computer, right click and choose "save link as."
MojaveRd INDEXlo (0.5mb): Overview of all PDF map sets (covering 136 map pages total). This is essentially the same image as the above colored "Overview of All PDF Map Segments."  1 page.

MojaveRd1 Westlo (4mb): The Mojave Road (Western Half, pages 1-14). Covers from Camp Cady (near Barstow) on the western end to the crossing at Kelbaker Road (south of Baker). This part of the Mojave Road mostly follows the Mojave River, passes through Afton Canyon, traverses Soda Lake and passes Seventeen Mile Point near Kelbaker Road. 14 pages, 54 miles.

MojaveRd2 Eastlo (5.5mb): The Mojave Road (Eastern Half, pages 15-38) Covers from the Kelbaker Road crossing to the eastern end point at the Colorado River. This part covers the Lava Tubes, Mojave Road Mailbox, Marl Springs, Cedar Canyon, Government Holes, Rock Springs, Lanfair Valley, Piute Mountains, Fort Piute and the eastern end near the Colorado River.  24 pages, 85 miles.

MojaveRd3 Marlsouthlo (1.3mb): These trails are directly south of Marl Springs. The earliest wagon route taking settlers west originally turned south from Marl Springs instead of the better known route around the north side of the Marl Mountains. It then went over Rocky Ridge and through Jackass Canyon and then west across the sandy flats to Afton Canyon. This route was abandoned around 1859 due to harsh terrain at Rocky Ridge and deep sandy areas in the canyon. Unfortunately the historic trails immediately south of Marl Springs are now posted Closed to Vehicles by the NPS. Most other portions are still accessible.  7 pages.

MojaveRd4 Cimalo (1.4mb): The Cima area trails are to the north of the Mojave Road and to the west of the New York Mountains. It is accessed by turning north on Cima Road (AKA Death Valley Mine Road) off of the Mojave Road (Cedar Canyon Road) in Round Valley. One of the many prominent features to see in this area is the remains of the Death Valley Mine5 pages.

MojaveRd5 PintoNYMtnslo (3.2mb): These are trails to the north of the Mojave Road and east of the above Cima maps. Included are Pinto Valley, New York Mountains, Carruthers Canyon and surrounding areas. Access is made by turning north on New York Mountain Road (off of Cedar Canyon Road in Round Valley) or turn north on Carruthers Canyon Road (off of the Mojave Road) in Lanfair Valley.  15 pages.

MojaveRd6 BlackCanyonRdlo (3mb):
These are trails off of or near Black Canyon Road, which runs south from the Mojave Road (near Round Valley). Black Canyon Road runs 19 miles south to Essex Road, which can connect you to I-40. Sites include Round Valley, Wild Horse Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon Road Loop, Mid Hills Campground, Gold Valley, Hole in the Wall, Hole in the Wall Campground and Visitors Center, Woods Mountains and Colton Hills.  13 pages.

MojaveRd7 EastLanfairTrNolo (2.6mb):
This map of the East Lanfair Valley Trail runs north/south from Searchlight, NV to Goffs, CA, a total distance of about 48 trail miles.  It intersects with the Mojave Road just west of the Piute Mountains. This is the NORTH half, which covers about 35 trail miles from Searchlight to the Mojave Road.  13 pages, 35 miles.

MojaveRd8 EastLanfairTrSolo (1.3mb): The East Lanfair Valley Trail runs north/south from Searchlight, NV to Goffs, CA, a total distance of about 48 trail miles.  It intersects with the Mojave Road just west of the Piute Mountains. This is the SOUTH half, which covers about 13 trail miles from the Mojave Road to Goffs.  6 pages, 13 miles.

MojaveRd9 ToughNutlo (0.5mb): The Tough Nut area shows some historic trails east of Kelso Cima Road (about 10 miles south of the Mojave Road). These trails lead to three historic gold mines; Globe Mine, Good Hope Mine and Tough Nut Mine. This area is considered to be in the northern Providence Mountains. 2 pages.

MojaveRd10 ElDoradoCañonRdlo (0.8mb): The El Dorado Cañon Road is a historic route, circa 1860s, that begins from the Mojave Road in Lanfair Valley and goes northeast through the Castle Mountains to Searchlight, Nevada and beyond to gold mines in El Dorado Cañon near the Colorado River. This route could also connected travelers to Las Vegas and the Salt Lake Trail to Utah.  This road merges with the East Lanfair Valley Trail in the northeast corner of Lanfair Valley and it continues north within map MojaveRd7 East Lanfair Tr North (beginning with Page 8).  4 pages.

MojaveRd11 PiuteValleyTraillo (1.8mb): The Piute Valley Trail may not be the correct historical name for this section, however it serves as a fitting description. It covers a 25 miles section from Searchlight, Nevada south to Piute Springs. This trail is the southern portion of the larger trail which extends north to El Dorado Cañon and further north to Las Vegas and the Salt Lake Trail.  It's existence predates Searchlight (originally a mining camp) by many years and it is believed to possibly be as old as the Spanish Trail. While this trail does not offer the entertainment value of most of the others, it's just as historically important.   11 pages, 25 miles.
MojaveRd12 KelsoTraillo (1.2mb): The Kelso Trail may not be the correct historical name for this trail, however it works.  The northern end of this trail begins in the center of Jackass Canyon and runs 13 miles south to Kelso.  This early road once existed as part of the most direct route between Baker and Kelso long before Kelbaker Road was constructed (Kelbaker Road did not yet exist in USGS topo maps dated 1956, so it was built sometime after 1956).  6 pages, 13 miles.
MojaveRd13 Piute Detourlo (1.6mb): These Piute Detour maps were created after heavy rains in the spring of 2016 washed out parts of the Old Cable Road (used as an important Mojave Road bypass). This road is between Mojave Road mile 27 and 30.9 and travels up the canyon from the east side of the Piute Mountains to the west side into Lanfair Valley.  If needed, this detour to the south will take you 14 miles out of the way.  7 pages, 14 miles.
MojaveRd14 Macedonialo (1.3mb): The Macedonia area shows trails south of Mojave Road (off Cedar Canyon Road) and east of Kelso Cima Road. The most prominent trail is Macedonia Canyon Road, which runs 6.2 miles east/west from Kelso Cima Road to Wild Horse Canyon Road.  A large number of old mines and springs are illustrated in these maps. 6 pages.
MojaveRd INDEX2 (0.07mb): A text index of numerous historical points of interest you'll find along the way on these trails, along with historical trivia for the region that you'll find interesting and helpful. 8 pages.

HIGH-RESOLUTION versions of the above map files are located below.
To save on your computer, right click and choose "save link as."
MojaveRd INDEX (1.7mb):

MojaveRd1 West(19mb):

MojaveRd2 East (39mb):

MojaveRd3 Marlsouth (8mb):

MojaveRd4 Cima (9.7mb):

MojaveRd5 PintoNYMtns (15.4mb):

MojaveRd6 BlackCanyonRd (15mb):

MojaveRd7 EastLanfairTrNo (13.8mb):

MojaveRd8 EastLanfairTrSo (6.3mb):

MojaveRd9 ToughNut (2mb):

MojaveRd10 ElDoradoCañonRd (4.2mb):

MojaveRd11 PiuteValleyTrail (22mb):

MojaveRd12 KelsoTrail (5.8mb):

MojaveRd13 Piute Detour (9.4mb):

MojaveRd14 Macedonia (5.8mb):

MojaveRd INDEX2 (0.07mb):
These files to the left are higher in resolution, some up to 80% larger in size than those listed above. I added these for those of you with faster internet speeds or plenty of storage space. The images are MUCH more crisp than the above low-resolution files. 

Click for larger image (1mb JPG)

Cady Mountains Region Maps
<<< This image is a summary of the below additional 75 pages of maps I have developed covering the Cady Mountains area west of Crucero Road and south of Afton Canyon.  This area is vast and largely unexplored.  For those of you interested in something new, this might be the ticket.

I have provided low resolution and high resolution PDF maps. 
This map set is divided into three segments to help with downloads, etc.
Each segment includes 25 map pages. 

<<< While reviewing aerial maps I located this bizarre site shown in this photo.  It's located in a secluded canyon on page 26 and it's a LONG way from anywhere.  I have not been there in person. If you discover more info about it, please let me know. 

Here's an oblique image from Google Earth.
One email suggests it's a rain water collection device for local wildlife.

And of course if your in the area, try to find the Mojave Desert Megaphone. 
Hint: It's on Page 12.

To save on your computer, right click and choose "save link as."
MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero1lo (4.2mb): Low resolution, pages 1-25.
26 pages.

MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero2lo (4mb): Low resolution, pages 26-50.
26 pages.

MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero3lo (4.3mb): Low resolution, pages 51-75.
26 pages.

MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero1 (25mb): HIGH resolution, pages 1-25.
26 pages.

MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero2 (25mb): HIGH resolution, pages 26-50.
26 pages.

MojaveRd15CadyMtns-Crucero3 (24mb): HIGH resolution, pages 51-75.
26 pages.

Click for larger image (340kb JPG)

Cave Mountain Region Maps
<<< This image is a summary of the below additional 7 pages of maps I have developed covering Cave Mountain north of Afton Canyon.

I have provided low resolution and high resolution PDF maps. 

To save on your computer, right click and choose "save link as."
MojaveRd16CaveMtnlo (1.5mb): Low resolution maps.
7 pages.

MojaveRd16CaveMtn (7mb): HIGH resolution maps.
7 pages.

Mojave Preserve Maps, Camping
and Trail Brochures provided by the NPS:


Wikipedia: MOJAVE ROAD

USGS Topo Map of Mojave Preserve Area:
CA_Ivanpah_299098_1985_100000_geo (22mb)

Mojave Desert Trip Logs for many sites with Photo Albums:


Mojave Road Stickers

Some pics from past trips.
Mojave Road 2011

Mojave Road 2012

Some older fun pics of our 4WD trip to Leadville, Colorado in July 2000.

Please excuse the photo quality. Digital cameras in 2000 were still pretty new and primitive. Nothing like now.
This trip was called BroncoFest 2000 and was the first event organized by members of the 2BigBroncos club web forum.  Approximately 50 Broncos (and a couple other brand 4x4s) trekked to Leadville, Colorado from nearly every state in the country, including Alaska, for a 5-day festival in Printer Boy Campground.  A large number of 4WD trail excursions were accomplished with groups divided by levels of vehicle capability and trips made daily.

Bird's Eye Gulch Trail

Holy Cross Trail

Mosquito Pass Trail

Printer Boy Campground

Wheeler Lake Road