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Below is a modest collection of Volvo vacuum connection diagrams I have located or created from Volvo service manuals and other sources. 
I'm always looking for more diagrams to help our fellow Volvo owners who are having a tough time locating these. 

Additional vacuum diagrams can be found on my Vacuum Label Collection here.
If you can help supply more Volvo vacuum diagrams, please write me.

Click to enlarge images
240 B21E 1981-                   240 B21E/F 1975-77                 240 B21E/F 1976-78

         240 B21E/F 1978-                 240 B21 E/F 1978-79               240 B21-B23E/F unknown years              240 B21E/F 1980-84

            240 B21E 1979, B21F 1979-81               240 B21ET 1984-85                        240 B21F 1976-77 Ver.1                            
 (Idle Compensation)                                                                                                                           

                         240 B21F 1976-77 Ver. 2                 240 B21F 1981                  260 B28F 1981                           

240 B21FT control press regulator                 240 B21FT manifold                      240 B21FT manifold              240/740 B23/230 throttle
                                                                                                                                                                           body & charcoal cannister

   S70/V70 (850) T5 1998             240 vent control diagram          B230K (Solex carb) 1987

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