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C O N T A C T    I N F O
davebarton.com is located in Prosper, Texas.  Please contact by email if you have a question.  Thank you.


Most payments are made within the shopping cart check out process, but if needed, you may also make your PAYPAL Payment here:
Paypal is the #1 on-line payment method. Paypal also accepts most Credits Cards without signing up for an Account.

To send a Paypal payment, please use the below "PAY NOW" button.
If needed, my direct Paypal payment address to use is:
dbarton [at] linkline [dot] com

Please email if you have a question:
  If you're not sure, please read below directions . . . . . .

. . . and when ready,

                click "Pay Now" below.                                                                                         

Order Number if known:
You can enter your Order Number above, if known. if NOT known, you can leave it blank.

You will find that Paypal will NOT automatically populate your order dollar amount, so AFTER YOU CLICK PAY NOW above, please enter your order total amount (with shipping) in the "Item Price" box and then click "Continue."
Entering a description of your order is not necessary if you have already made an order using the shopping cart.

This image below is how your order dollar amount is added.  Click "Pay Now" below to find this payment page.
>>  Click image to enlarge.  <<

Online Payments
Most payments are made within the shopping cart check out process, but if needed, you may also make your secure Credit Card payment here.
Visa, Mastercard
, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB
Payment may be made below.

For your security, you should not send your credit card information using email.
To make things safe, I use AUTHORIZE.NET, which is a
secure online credit card processor that will allow you to enter your credit card information safely.
Please click the below "BUY NOW" button to begin your secure AUTHORIZE.NET credit card payment.

You will need your order TOTAL amount. You will be asked to enter it shortly.

If you don't know your order total and you have placed an order, a copy of your order should be in your email.
Or you can email me if you have any questions. CLICK HERE.


After you click 'BUY NOW,' you'll see this image below. Enter the order total amount in $US Dollars. Then type the security code into the text box.
If you can't see the security code clearly, click the button to regenerate the code it and try again.
Then enter 'Continue.'
Thank you.


ZELLE, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Bank/Wire Transfers.
A 5% discount is available for all sales paid using these methods listed here.
Contact me with any questions.

ZELLE:   https://www.zellepay.com/.  Most banks (and most mobile banking apps) are now offering Zelle.
Zelle offers a simple and secure way to make or receive a payment to or from anyone with an email address or mobile phone number.  Similar to Paypal, except so far they charge NO fees. 
To send a payment through Zelle for an order purchase at Dave's Volvo Page, you need to enroll in Zelle first, which can usually be done through your banking app or online account.  Then you may send a payment using my email address as the recipient: dbarton [at] linkline [dot] com. 
Here's a QR code from Zelle that should streamline a payment to me:

Many countries offer International Money Orders.  If you are sending a Money Order from a country outside the USA, please make the order in U.S. Dollars (USD).

INTERNATIONAL WIRE or INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFERS:   Wire transfers are accepted for payment sent in USD. 
Keep in mind that my bank charges a $15.00 fee for me to receive a bank transfer.  You will need to add this $15.00 fee to your payment. 
Using this method usually only makes sense if the order is for a large amount.
If the order a
mount is $300 or more, I will pay the transfer fee. It can take about 5-7 days for a wire transfer payment to be completed. 
Email me for account details.

CASH:  Cash is accepted, however there may be a risk in sending cash in the mail.  I'll leave the choice to you.

CHECK or MONEY ORDER:   A personal check or money order may be used for any purchase.  The U.S. Post Office sells money orders as does Walmart and many other stores.

Fundamental Ordering 101:  For those of you who don't get along well with computers or are confused by these pages, here are detailed instructions for ordering just about anything here. 

Step 1:   Find an item you want to order.

Step 2:   Enter order quantity, choose item (and any options if there are any) and click 'Add to Cart.'

Step 3:   When done shopping, find a link that says: When done shopping, proceed to shipping: CLICK HERE'.  Click the 'CLICK HERE.'

Step 4:   Look over the SHIPPING options and choose one. If you don't live in the U.S., please choose INTERNATIONAL shipping. Then click
'Add to Cart.'  If you need an option that is not shown, please email me: CONTACT

Step 5:   If you're ready to Check Out, find and click 'View Cart' (this is usually near the shipping options).  You can always come back to my page if you decide to continue shopping.

Step 6:   You are now in your shopping cart. If you change your mind and want to continue shopping, click 'Continue Shopping.'  If you're ready to check out, click 'Check Out Now.'

Step 7:   Fill in the 'Billing' and 'Shipping' address boxes. The items with a RED Asterisk are required

Step 8:   Check the box for the 'Payment Method' that you prefer.  If you're not sure, you can scroll up on THIS PAGE to read about different payment methods.

Step 9:   There is a 'Comments' text box at the bottom in case there for anything you might want to say or add for special instructions.  Anything can go there. Or leave it blank.

Step 10: Complete your payment info and click 'Continue Check Out.'

Step 11:  Your order has been completed. You'll get an email showing you that I have received your order and payment and it will be sent soon. All orders use package tracking and that information will be automatically sent to your email when the mailing label is printed.

Thank you.


For any order, only ONE shipping charge is needed. For convenience, you'll find shipping menus with different shipping options on every page where product is offered for sale. Most often it's at the bottom of the page.

Mail to destinations in USA:

  Most items are shipped using USPS First Class Mail (because it's the most economical) or sometimes USPS Priority Mail (if the customer chooses it).  Small items, such as stickers, horn buttons and sometimes relays, are most often sent by First Class Mail because it's simple and inexpensive.  Priority Mail is usually faster than First Class, but more expensive.  

All orders are shipped using the USPS.com tracking service. The tracking number is automatically sent to your email for all USPS parcels sent in the USA and International locations.
If you did cannot find your tracking number, email me any time and I'll forward it to you.

For the FASTEST service, almost any order can be shipped using
USPS Priority Mail Express (Express Mail).  Express Mail typically has a faster delivery time than other services, however it is much more expensive.  All of my shipments get picked up daily at my location by the USPS. Sometimes this pick up happens in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Sometimes Express Mail packages get back to the post office late. I can't control that, so for that reason I cannot guarantee one day shipping if the USPS web site quotes it as so. If my site doesn't show Express Mail as an option for your items,  I can give you an Express Mail price quote if you email me and send me your ZIP Code.

UPS and Fedex are used on occasion, usually for customer requests.  These are usually more expensive.  Please email for more info.

International Shipping:
For any order, only ONE shipping charge is needed. For convenience, you'll find shipping menus with different shipping options on every page where product is offered for sale.
I ship to almost every country in the world. 
Most international shipments are sent using
USPS First Class Mail International, USPS First Class PACKAGE International or USPS Priority Mail International. 
Smaller items or those that fit in a small envelope (such as stickers) are usually sent by First Class Mail International. This is the slowest service available and it is almost always slower than other choices (although less expensive).

UPS and Fedex are used on occasion, usually for customer requests.  These are usually more expensive.  Please email for more info.

All orders using USPS parcels (this means all envelopes or boxes) are shipped using USPS.com TRACKING SERVICE. The tracking number is emailed automatically to your email address at time of mailing.
If you cannot find it, email me any time and I'll forward it to you. USPS tracking can be used for all countries who cooperate with the US Mail. Not all countries do. Here is a list of cooperating countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Republic of, Singapore, Slovak Republic (Slovakia), Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey. 

Tracking works pretty well for any package while still in the USA, but I have found it will not work very well after leaving the USA or in many other countries. Some countries will show very little information, such as acceptance by or departure from Customs and then final delivery. This is because some customs offices or post offices are often FAILING to SCAN the mail.

SHIPPING DELAYS for International Mail:
Updated APRIL 2021:
It appears that COVID mail delays have been getting much shorter, however some delays in some countries seem to continue.

Please Read THIS if your international package is delayed:

If you see that the last tracking scan for your package was at
this DOES NOT mean your order is "STUCK" at that location.
These places listed are mail processing centers in the U.S. for international mail.  Mail is then sent from one of these centers to your country. The LAST SCAN at one of these places above will usually mean it has cleared the processing center and is being dispatched to your country.

I was informed that many international flights were cancelled, but some are resuming now. These international flights carry the mail.

The mail normally travels on these flights and we were experiencing places where the mail piled up waiting for a flight. I think it's getting better.  

EUROPE (and sometimes Australia) have been taking the longest times to for deliveries from the U.S. 
Some European customers were reporting delays of 8 to 10 weeks.
As of APRIL 2021, things are improving.

In a perfect world, the customs office or post office in your country will receive and scan the package when it arrives and then we will know it is making progress.  Now I find that ALMOST ALL countries are FAILING TO SCAN packages when they arrive and often a first scan is delayed for a long period. Some packages get delivered without ever being scanned in your country. This was happening in many countries even before Covid, but now it's much worse.

I get emails
from customers worldwide about this problem. As of APRIL 2021 the delays have shortened in many countries.
Thank you, Dave

I get questions about import fees from many countries:
Customs fees, duty, taxes or other fees assessed by your country for an item CANNOT be paid for you in advance by me when using USPS Mail. I know that Fedex offers this option, but USPS does not. For USPS Mail, you are the only one who can pay customs fees when the package arrives.

Any mail item entering a foreign country might be subject to customs inspection and assessment of duty, taxes, and fees in accordance with the laws of that country. Customs duty and taxes are assessed generally if the item sent is a dutiable item (most commercial sales) and if the value of the item is above the threshold set by the customs in your country. Each country assesses their own customs, duties, and taxes.
Your country probably has a website for Customs Service information. 

Customer comment regarding Denmark:
  All packages and shipments originating from outside Denmark with a value of $17 USD or more will be delayed/cleared through Customs and taxes may be imposed.
The actual import tax in Denmark is not high, but the delivery company has a tax handling fee of approximately $30 USD.

Customer comment regarding EU:
  All packages and shipments originating from outside EU with a value of 22€ or more will be delayed/cleared through Customs and taxes may be imposed.
A value of about $25 USD or less may avoid this.
According to https://www.gov.uk/eu-eea, EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Customer comment regarding Norway:
  Before April 2020 all purchases under 350NOK (approx $39 USD) were tax-free when entering Norway.
After April 2020 is is reported that ALL items entering customs will be charged with 25% value tax and also a potential extra handling fee.

Customer Comment regarding UK:
It appears that packages originating from outside UK or EU with a value of more than £15 (or £39 for a gift) will be imposed a fee. This fee can begin at $15.50 USD.

Duty Fees for CANADIAN Customers
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) may charge an import duty on any item with a value over $20 (CAD) including postage, plus up to a $9.95 surcharge.  
USPS First Class Mail International or USPS Priority Mail International are the best options for shipping to Canada. Even though UPS (United Parcel Service) may be faster in some instances, it has been reported that the brokerage/handling fees they charge for collecting import duties can be very high. It can really shock you!  A typical USPS brokerage fee (if one is charged, which I think is rare) might be $5, since USPS interacts fairly well with Canada Post. However, if an item is shipped by UPS to Canada, the UPS brokerage/handling fee can be as high as $35.00, even for a very small item.

Information on CBSA Tariff Item 9966.00.00 (25+ year old cars).
HS Code 9966.00.00 provides for the DUTY-FREE importation of vehicles which are more than 25 years old to CANADA. This code also includes articles [PARTS] for these vehicles. If you're buying a parts that qualifies, I'll be happy to add HS Code 9966.00.00 to the customs label.
There is more info here from a member of the Triumph club: https://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/CanadaBrokerageFess.htm

Beginning in September 2020, USPS began a new option for shipments to Canada.
This program applies to USPS First Class International Packages only.
This new program allows the SHIPPER (me) to PRE-PAY a flat-rate Customs Fee of $6.95 (USD), which will cover all Canadian Duties and Taxes for your package. As a result your First Class Package International Package is delivered directly to your door without any Customs delay or any fees due upon delivery. This flat rate fee covers all taxes free and clear including duties and value added taxes (VAT). 
Maximum value is $400.00 USD
Package weight is limited to 4 lbs
. (1.8 kg).
Please email if you think your order might be close to the max weight. (CONTACT)
This option will be found in most Canada shipping options in Dave's Volvo Pages.
I'm interested in your feedback is on how this program performs on your end and if it's you find it a good value.
Thank you

Declaring a Lower Value for International Shipments:
If needed, I will honor your wish to declare a lower value of the purchase for Customs declaration, but you must ask A simple request in the order check out comment box or by email is OK.  Do not place this comment in a Paypal payment. I won't see it there.
Please remember that if an item is declared for less than the full value, then it cannot be insured for the full value.  It can only be insured up to the amount of value that is declared during shipping.

If your order is lost (or you think it might be), please first review the USPS tracking information if you have it.
The USPS.com tracking service may be found here.
If you don't have your tracking number, please email me and I will forward it to you.
Please keep in mind that a replacement for a lost or damaged order can only be made if the order was insured.

If your package becomes LOST, USPS policies for insured packages allow a loss claim to be made NO SOONER than 30 days after the date of shipment.  Since there are often extra delays involved with international mail, please try to understand and be patient.

Non-Insured Shipments
If you choose a shipping method for your order that is not insured, please remember that if your order becomes lost or damaged, I CAN NOT BE responsible to replace it. 
All international shipment are AUTOMATICALLY INSURED. 
It is very rare that mail is lost with my orders (less than 1%), but the possibility exists. Insuring a delivery is usually very little extra.  Please email if you have any questions: CLICK HERE.

Dave's Volvo Page ships all over the world.  Here is a list of countries we ship to.
Cayman Islands
St. Thomas
Chile (see below)
American Samoa
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
Argentina (see below)
Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Dominican Replublic
United Arab Emirates
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom
El Salvador
United States
Republic of Georgia
US Virgin Islands

Saudi Arabia

French Guiana

French Polynesia

British Virgin Islands

Brunei Darussalam
Marshall Islands

Great Britain
South Africa

Canada Greece
South Korea

Canary Islands

We no longer ship to Argentina or Chile. The Argentina and Chile postal services have been given chances to deliver items sent by Dave's Volvo Page and it has proven to be unreliable in EVERY shipment.  None have EVER reached their destination.  

Refunds and Returns:
  With the exception of wire harnesses, relays, sensors, voltage regulators or other electrical parts, I will normally honor returns on almost any item or part I sell, as long as it is returned unused, undamaged, uninstalled, and unalteredThe exception to all this would be if the part was defective. I'll take care of the problem if you get a defective item (see below).  Any other returns may be considered on a case by case basis.

Most stickers can be returned or exchanged, EXCEPT for stickers that are CUSTOM PRINTED to order and any stickers with custom MAGNETIC backing (which cannot be removed). 
Custom gauge faces
are also not returnable. Those are all made to order per your specifications.

Please email me if you have a question:

Any wire harness that has been installed or altered cannot be returned.
You should be certain of the wire harness application before you order. Email me if you need help.  If you order the wrong part or find out later that you no longer need a wire harness you ordered, you must contact me first for approval before any return.  Returns for errors not caused by me will likely result in a Return Fee to help cover my labor costs and finance fees. The current Return Fee for any wire harness is 10% plus any finance fees if any exist, such as Paypal or credit card fees. For example, Paypal does not return initial charge fees (3.49% plus $0.49).

Any part that has been installed or altered cannot be returned.
 Try to be certain of the application before you order. Email me if you need help.  If you order the wrong part or find out later that you no longer need a part you ordered, you must contact me first for approval before any return.  A return fee may be levied on a case by case basis to cover my labor costs and finance fees. The default Return Fee for an electrical part is 20%.


This is really rare. Almost never happens. If you receive a defective part, please email me right away.  Depending on what the item is, I may ask you to return it to me so I can inspect or test it.  If a part was defective, I will gladly replace it or accept a return. 

Unless the return is due to a defect or error on my part, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs to send an item back.

Privacy Policy:
Legal stuff.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Required by my credit card processing company.
Thank you for visiting Dave's Volvo Page. This privacy policy informs you how your personal information is used in this site. Please read this privacy policy before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using the site, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. These practices may be changed, but any changes will be posted. Changes will only apply to activities and information going forward, not retroactive. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

Note: the privacy practices set forth in this privacy policy are for Dave's Volvo Pages, which include page within davebarton.com, prancingmoose.com and 240turbo.com. If you link to other outside web sites, please review privacy policies posted at those sites.

Collection of Information:
Only when voluntarily submitted by our visitors, this site collects personally information, such as names, addresses, email, etc.  The information you provide is used to fulfill your specific requests (such as an inquiry or purchase). This information is ONLY used to fulfill your specific requests and is never provided to others.

Cookie/Tracking Technology:
Portions of this site (shopping carts, etc.) use cookie and tracking technology. Cookie and tracking technology is useful in gathering information, such as tracking the numbers of visitors and understanding how visitors use the site. Cookies can also help customize the site for visitors and are used to import selected purchases to help generate a shopping cart. Personal information is not collected using cookies or other tracking technology, however, if you previously provided personally information, cookies may be tied to such information.

Distribution of Information:
We may share information with governmental agencies or other entities assisting us in fraud prevention or criminal fraud investigation. We will only do so when: (1) required by law; and, (2) trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions; or, (3) investigating fraud which has already taken place. No information is ever provided to outside entities for marketing or any other purposes.

Commitment to Data Security:
Your personally information is kept secure. Only authorized agents (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) may have access to this information.

Privacy Contact Information:
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy, you may contact us using the email link shown above.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted.

Shopping Cart Troubleshooting Tips

If possible, you might try using any browser OTHER THAN CHROME or EDGE.
I use an OLDER version of Firefox from 2020 if I need to create an order with a long list of items. And I do not ever upgrade it.
This seems to work very well.

If this step interests you, here's an article from Mozilla: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-older-version-firefox
Here's a direct link to a directory of older Firefox versions: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/
Scroll through the list to find a version you like. For example, Version 72 was released in January 2020 and works well. That's what I use.
After you click on the version number, you'll see a selection of versions for different available platforms. Click on one you want. I use win64/.
If the next list you can select the language you want. In my case, I selected en-US/ (for English-US).
Then you get presented with the exe file: i.e: Firefox Setup 72.0.exe (49M). Click it and save the exe file in a folder.
Then you can install by clicking that file.

Also, if needed, you may just submit MORE THAN ONE order. If you do this, just add shipping to only ONE order. 
And please add a comment in the checkout comment box that another order was added.

UPDATE Feb 2023: I was recently informed by a customer that AVAST SECURE BROWSER seems to work much better with the problem of dropping shopping cart entries from Dave's Volvo Pages. So if you're experiencing these problems when adding items to the cart, you might try downloading Avast. They offer a free browser as well as an upgraded Avast Pro that is available for a subscription if you find it that useful.

Problems with Chrome, Edge or Safari:
The problem is that only one item or only a few items can be added to a cart. Some items are dropped from the cart when trying to check out.

New issues surfaced in 2020 due to security features added by Google CHROME, Microsoft EDGE, and SAFARI. 
There is more info below, but in short, it's related to SameSite Secure Cookie Protocols being added to new browser versions.

If you are experiencing problems as described above when adding items to your cart, other browsers, such as INTERNET EXPLORER, FIREFOX and SAFARI (Apple) seem to be working just fine so far for other customers. So if you cannot get Chrome or Edge to work, you can try another browser. 
Chief Symptom: - The cart only allows a couple of items to be listed at any given time.  When a number of items are added, the cart will lose or drop the first items that were added.
Cause: - Google and Microsoft have been adding security features to their CHROME and EDGE browsers, which are causing these problems to occur. These changes affect how cookies are stored on your computer or device. Cookies are files that your browser collects from other sites, such as mine, which allows your device to remember items placed in a shopping cart.
So far, no solution on my end has been found, except to recommend using a browser OTHER THAN Chrome or Edge.

WHAT ARE COOKIES?  A cookie is a small file created by a web site (like my shipping cart) which stores bits of information on your computer as you select things, such as when you click ADD TO CART.  A Shopping Cart will function by asking your computer to remember the things you select (these are cookies).  This way, your computer will be able to remember the cart items you have selected and they'll be listed correctly in your cart when you check out. 

What is SameSite:  Web browser developers thought it would be a good idea to provide tighter security for people browsing the internet.  A bad side effect is that it creates really stupid problems for a lot of people using sites (like mine) that use shopping carts hosted by a shopping cart company.  When you click Add to Cart on my page (prancingmoose.com), the cookie that gets transmitted comes from my hosted shopping cart provider (3dcartstores.com).  The SameSite protocols don't like this because the two dot-com sites are different, hence the name, "SameSite."  Instead of allowing you to choose, your browser settings will simply refuse to allow the shopping cart cookies to be used as they normally would.

Google Chrome (up to Version 90)
(For Version 91 and later CLICK HERE)

How to Disable SameSite Cookie Enforcement.
These setting changes may easily be reversed later if needed.

1.  Copy and enter the following text into your browser search/address bar and press ENTER.

2. Find SameSite by default cookies and change the setting from Default to Disabled.

3. Click the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Next copy and enter the following text into your browser search/address bar and press ENTER.


5. Find Cookies without SameSite must be secure and change the setting from Default to Disabled.

3. Click the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

The changes will take affect immediately. If needed, you can reverse the changes by following the same steps and change back to Default.

Source: https://support.siteimprove.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360007364778-Turning-off-Google-Chrome-SameSite-Cookie-Enforcement

(2022 update note: In the latest versions Google has now removed the ability to edit cookie enforcement)
Google Chrome
(Version 91 and later)

How to Disable SameSite Cookie Enforcement.

1.  With CHROME CLOSED, find your CHROME desktop shortcut and right click. 
Then click "Properties."

2.  You'll see this Properties box below. Look at the Target window. 
It will say:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"You'll be adding a command string to that window directly after the .exe" (put one space between the two strings). You may copy the command string text below and then paste it. 
The command string is: 
This means that the Target window will say:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" –disable-features=SameSiteByDefaultCookies
Then click "OK".  Then start Chrome.

(2022 update note: In the latest versions Microsoft has now removed the ability to edit cookie enforcement)
 Microsoft Edge

How to Disable SameSite Cookie Enforcement.
These setting changes may easily be reversed later if needed.

1.  Copy and enter the following text into your browser search/address bar and press ENTER.

2. Find SameSite by default cookies and change the setting from Default to Disabled.

3. Click the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Next copy and enter the following text into your browser search/address bar and press ENTER.


5. Find Cookies without SameSite must be secure and change the setting from Default to Disabled.

3. Click the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

The changes will take affect immediately. If needed, you can reverse the changes by following the same steps and change back to Default.

How to Disable SameSite Cookie Enforcement.
These setting changes may easily be reversed later if needed.

Safari 13.1 or later: In order to turn this attribute off, simply disable the “Prevent cross-site tracking” option.

1. Open Safari.

2. Go to “Preferences", then "Privacy.“

3. Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking” option.

If other browsers become affected well try to find fixes for those too.
Thanks, Dave


Rather than write a long list of instructions that have already been published, you can instead go straight to the source from the web browsers themselves:

Internet Explorer (Versions 7 and 8)

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



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